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Habitación Baby ' s

I, Nicole Chen, a Certified Nurse Midwife, believes in the education and empowerment of women’s health care. NFC midwifery offers full scope individualized midwifery care which promotes, protects, and supports individual’s rights. NFC midwifery also supports reproductive health and sexual health whilst respects to ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity.
I believe in informing people with expert advice while promoting and providing education on standard of care, which will allow members involved to make full informed shared decision making.
We walk alongside the individuals in building a partnership regarding their health concerns, allowing the individual to recognize the right to self-determination, and self advocacy. NFC midwifery believes in the normalcy of childbirth and the power of shared decision making to govern one’s body. NFC midwifery will always be nurturing, caring, and faithful in our practice.

This practice protocol was established to set guidelines for NFC Midwifery, PLLC practice.
With practice protocols it helps aid in the shared decision making in regards to care of my clients. Practice protocols are guidelines to the practice and a framework in which particular aspects of practice are outlined.

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