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Transitions, a sign of growth- Midwife Nicole's Story

Hey, thanks for joining me for this week's blog post! I appreciate you all for the amount of love and support that you all have been giving to us here at NFC Midwifery, we do not take it lightly!

This week I would like to share a birth story that is dear to my heart, my 2020 birth during the pandemic.

Transitioning from institutional midwifery care to physiological midwifery care in the home birth world is not an easy road. It takes patience and re-learning the midwifery model system to do right by your clients. I thank the Lord for giving me the patience I needed to allow my clients the opportunity to deliver at home.

Around 7 am, I received a phone call from a client telling me her water broke, however she was not having any contractions and was feeling fine. Now my mind started racing with thoughts because working in the hospital she would have been admitted and started on an agent to help induce contractions.

With all of the anxiety I felt, I immediately decided to go and see her to make sure that all was well. When I arrived she was resting in bed watching TV. So I did my assessment and introduced her to miles circuit which is a series of positioning that help to move your baby into a favorable position.

I encouraged her walk on the treadmill and even do lunges up and down the steps. I was so eager that I set up my delivery equipment and called her labor support person.

Well by this time, 7pm showed up and nothing had happened, so I decided to do another assessment and head home. Driving home I was very conflicted with my thoughts. I was full of emotions, concerns, and ideas. I called my mentor, my partner, and midwife friends. They all helped me talk through my emotions which allowed me the strength to believe in the physiological way of birth to allow mommy and baby to find their way.

That night I slept like a baby, the next morning I headed back over and of course I did another assessment. My client’s labor support person headed over around 12 noon to help with labor, however decided to go home in the evening to allow the client to rest for the night. Of course it was Memorial weekend, so I decided to go to a family BBQ to help relax my mind while mommy and baby worked together in this time of labor. Of course I called my mentor, partner and midwife friends again to let out my emotions.

On my way home from the BBQ I started thinking about how much time had gone by with the rupture of membranes (her water breaking), different remedies and techniques we used to help labor, and when was I going to have the talk about transferring because nothing was happening.

Well around 1 am Monday, approaching almost 60 hours of ruptured membranes, my client called me in active labor. Well of course I was filled with excitement and headed over to do a holiday birth. I called the labor support person, the birth assistant, to meet me there as we were finally expecting the birth of the baby. A few hours later, our “ little chicken” made her arrival into the world right before sunrise.

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