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Melissa's Birth Story

I have always dreamed of having a home, water birth and I planned to do so with my first child. Unfortunately due to some resistance that wasn't my reality, I had a less

than favorable hospital birth where I labored for 37 hours and ended the experience with postpartum preeclampsia. Till this day there’s a lot that I regret but I didn’t know better at the time.

This year when I found out I was going to have my second child, the desire for a home water birth resurfaced. At first, I didn’t entertain it because I knew my husband wasn’t 100% for such an idea. So I continued my prenatal care with my hospital based providers. As I moved further along every appointment I had, I was met with information that didn’t settle well with me. With covid numbers increasing and daily changes to hospital policy, I started to worry about what kind of hospital birth experience I would have. I left my 20wk appointment determined to have the birth I dreamed of so I searched for a midwife who was willing to provide that experience but also willing to take me on so late in my pregnancy.

Working with Nicole of NFC midwifery was the best decision my family made. She not only made me feel confident and comfortable with my decision but also made my husband feel comfortable as well. Nicole was very informative with every appointment. She made sure I understood everything, she made me feel like I was part of the team by including me in making decisions about my care rather then telling me what I had to do without giving me options . Nicole always emailed me evidence based articles for every procedure or test I would take. My prenatal care was handled better then I could imagine. My family enjoyed the home visits and the fact that she took her time to talk to me and not only made sure my baby was ok but that I was ok as person, as opposed to the barely 20 mins appointments you get with hospital based providers.

When it came to my my labor it was better then what I envisioned. The interaction never felt like patient and provider, Nicole made me feel like I was her family. Nicole was very gentle but assertive when she needed to be. When I doubted myself she knew just the right things to say to give me encouragement. She allowed me space to tap into my inner being and guided me to birth my son naturally. Whenever I had a moment where I lost focus she would recenter me by simply telling to me listen to my body. Not only was Nicole amazing, the support team that assisted her was just as great. It was like everyone’s energy in the room was aligned and that was a big part of making me feel relaxed and at ease. I appreciated that I was never touched or checked with out being asked permission first. They all respected my space. When I he finally made it earth side I was able to grab him out of the water and place him on my chest, even while Nicole was checking him to be sure his breathing was ok. She never interfered with the immediate skin to skin. She allowed me to birth the placenta while still being intact (lotus birth) something I never would have been allowed to do with a hospital birth. It was the most gentle and peaceful moment for me. Nicole gave me an experience of a life time. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me. After this experience, my husband and I agree we will always choose a home birth, and most definitely with NFC Midwifery.

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