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Krystal's Birth Story

Working with Val and Nicole as my midwife was

a blessing in so many ways. Their constant support during both my pregnancy and my period of postpartum made all the difference in the world. During my home birth, they made sure my baby was doing well throughout,

consistently checking her heart rate. I knew as long as they were there checking on Maya, I could let go and let my body take over.

During postpartum, Val and Nicole was there for me day and night to counsel me when my baby struggled to latch. They FaceTimed with me regularly to check my baby’s latch and sent me educational tips to help coach me through. I owe a big part of my ability to persevere through a tough start with breastfeeding to Val and Nicole. Without their support I’m afraid I would have felt lost in a sea of uncertainty. They educated me and calmed all my doubts, giving me the tools and confidence I needed to breastfeed my baby. They always prioritized the health of my baby while also considering my emotional well-being throughout the process. I truly can’t recommend Val and Nicole enough as midwives.

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