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Heather's Birth Story

I had long dreamed of giving birth at home, but was discouraged by my OBGYN and fearful family members and friends (no one had any real reason for disapproving other than "what if something goes wrong?"). When I started prenatal care with a midwife group associated with my local hospital and expressed this desire, I was met with support and encouragement. I did some research and found Nicole, and after one virtual meeting I knew I wanted to pursue a homebirth with her as my midwife. Nicole's care made me trust my body, and feel confident in my ability to give birth unmedicated. I knew that if something went wrong, she would know exactly how to handle it and when to call for help. Thankfully, nothing went wrong, and I had a relaxed and joyful first stage, which allowed for a swift second stage. I had a healthy baby girl and experienced no tearing, which I believe is because I was so calm in my own space, supported by a team I genuinely love. I can honestly say that birth was not as scary or hard as it looks in the movies, and I appreciated having a midwife like Nicole who didn't fuss over me too much, who made me trust in the process and go with the flow. I will always love Nicole and am excited for her to hopefully be my midwife for my next birth when the time comes!

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